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Lunar Mentors


Solar Wind Experiment, Apollo Principal Investigator, Member of SwissApollo Advisory Committee

Edgar Mitchell

«Dear Johannes, We met first 14 years ago in Bern, and I was so impressed by your story. You inspired so many people by your charming way to explain Physics. I will also never forget the long hours of discussions as I learned so much from you. I feel blessed that our pathways crossed each other, and I will never stop telling your story. You were like a mentor for me, opening new horizons of understanding.»

Dr. Edgar Dean Mitchell (1930-2016)

Astronaut, Lunar Module Pilot, Apollo14, Member of SwissApollo Advisory Committee

Edgar Mitchell

«Thank you, my dear friend Edgar, for the mark you left on my life. I will never forget our fruitful discussions and the precious moments we spent together. And I am consoled by the thought that you will finally find the answers to the nature of human consciousness that you sought for so long. Thank you for continuing to inspire us, and remaining with us in spirit!»